Power of black and white

Since the Earthquake I have pressed the shutter button on my camera more than 3590 times.  I am not sure of my actual shot count because there are some where  the exposure was off or the focus didn’t catch and those I tossed.  Most of these images are just record shots, documenting conditions for the Resurgence Project.

Included in these images are a few that are interesting, from a photographic perspective.

Some of them work in colour… in this case the colour is one of the things that makes it interesting.050516-c280

Some of them could go either way. This one, for example, has only one hue. I think it looks equally as dramatic in black and white as it does in colour. What do you think?

But other images get their power by processing them just into black and white images.


I have put together a gallery on my   grs photography portfolio site B&W Faces of some of the faces that I captured. If you like black and white images please have a look.

We are still working hard to build some of these people new homes.

Donate  Outside of Ecuador you can send me funds through my paypal ( I will post an update accounting for these funds), inside Ecuador you can deposit directly in the bank account of FDOL.  You can also send the funds directly to this account from outside Ecuador!   We are setting up a gofundme, but the 8% in fees that are charged could be better spent on houses.

Link to Paypal donation record page

Thank you for reading and any help would be appreciated.

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