An interesting idea on where commerical photography is going

I read a great blog on the commercial side of photography.

In it the other says that in the new digital world we live in, the value of an individual image is greatly reduced, but the process or flow of images is where the value of photography is, and is going.

I need to think about this some more and try and integrate the ideas into my stock business plans…..


A comment I left on the site:

I had a chance to digest this information ( it is amazing how much thinking you can do on a bus ride)

Let me see if I have your idea right. The true value of an image is its ability to do its “job” ( job being: call to action, attract attention, create an emotional response) .

You mention we, as creators, need to learn how to judge and value an image or flow of images based on this.

How can we do this? What are the criteria, besides personal experience, that will allow use to say $X for this one $Y for this one?

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