Action Photo- Extreme sports in Ecuador

Shooting Action Photos

I am not a sports or action Photographer, normally, but this weekend there was a conference and exhibition of Eco-tourism and Extreme Sports Tourism by my friends at FEDEX TURS.

To get images that I would be happy with required thinking, planning and preparation.  There would be no time to make adjustments once the action started.

First up was white water rafting.

Ecuador white water raftingFor this shot, I thought about what the line of the raft would be through the water, where the sun was and what might make a good back ground.  I wanted a view that showed the action from a low level…which meant getting down to the river.  Then I waited for the raft.  One chance.I used a high shutter speed, medium depth of field and auto focus.

Next up was bike jumping.

042813-381For this I wanted a no cluttered background, sharp focus and a full frame.

I set-up so that I was shooting up ( I was sitting on the ground) I knew that, because of the speed the subject would be moving, that auto focus would not work effectively and I would miss shots.  What I did was pre set my focus, which allowed me to concentrate on the framing of the shot. 042813-401

So what do you think?  Did create good images?
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