I have been working hard at Tzanka 2 to the house ready to move in to.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks is Water

Water flowing over and around rocks

There are major streams or rivers on two sides of the property, the problem is, how to get it up the hill to the house.  Gravity will play a big part in the final decision.  We will have to lay a pipe to a feed that is at least the same height in the surrounding hills.  This will likely be a kilometer or two away.  What is interesting about this part of Ecuador, is the landscape is filled with pipes running down mountains, and in river and stream beds.  This is a very normal ocurrence here.

The amount of water we pipe onto the property will also effect what happens in the near future as well. If we get a big enough supply, I have been thinking about building and installing a water wheel for generating power.  If the supply is only enough to supply water to the house and the animals, then power will have to come from solar panels.

There are also plans in the works to harvest rain water.  This may be enough for the house, but not enough ( I think) to provide for the animals when they move ( tentative date is January)

Since I am discussing future plans, I will also be building some solar hot water panels.  I need a warm shower in order to feel human and the heat from the sun is free….