Getting it together

In the past month or two I have been working hard on getting my on-line teaching business going. It has been a bit of a learning curve.

I have made mistakes, I have put effort into the wrong areas.  I have found out things I should not do…. basically I have been learning.

There is an on-line MOOC I have been taking on building your on line teaching business which has helped dramatically. ( a MOOC is a Mulit Open Online Course)  Through this I have started to define my niche and focus my marketing.

This has lead to the creation of my teaching site…

One of the advantages of my present situation is that I can spend the time to set this up properly.  As a new business  it will take time to grow, and I now have the chance to nurture and grow it slowly and steadily… and growing it is.  My on-line teaching income has doubled this month from last.  It has to double a few more times before I can reach my goal but the improvement makes me very happy.