iStock implosion

I post my images on several stock sites, beside my own Symbiostock sites.  Istock is one of the sites, and it looks like there could be major problems.

Istock used to be the big site in micro stock, but it is now owned by Getty and it seems ( according to the forum posts) to be losing traction every day.  I don’t know, since I have not been in this long enough to have a valid opinion.

What I do know is, iStock was my number 2 selling site.  Was is the important word here, since I have no idea how I am doing with it now.

I get most of my sales from the PP ( partner program) where my images are sold on sister sites.  For various unexplained reasons, iStock has not been able to process the May or June stats… and it is now approaching the middle of July.

The unexplained reasons, and the way iStock deals with their suppliers is, to me, a sign to be very wary.  In the internet age, and with internet companies communication is key.

This is another reason I am devoting my time and effort into my Symbiostock sites ( Travel Images, People Images)…it is so easy to ask myself what is going on.. though I don’t always have the answer.