Airports and waiting

I try very hard not to get connecting flights, I would rather fly direct.

Sometimes it just happens that I have to do a connecting flight. I am not great at waiting… Today is no exception.
I am at Bush international in Houston, with a 5 + hour layover. This is not my first time… I think I have spent more time in this airport then any other ( Toronto doesn’t count)… And this is only my third time here.
As airports go, it is nice, but it is an airport. And I can’t find a decent cup of tea ( why does Starbucks sell that bitter crap they do? ) What is interesting is listening to the accents over the intercom. It is very difficult to understand the thickTexas drawl of some of the agents.

Anyway I am in my normal state while traveling, tired, hot and grumpy….this may be why I travel alone most times. –

Location:,Houston,United States