Helping a Young Lady Walk

Two years ago.

Two years ago.

Three + years ago I starting doing some photographic work with the   Foundacion Oswald Loor.

Two Years ago I had the opportunity to photograph this young lady ( I haven’t given her name because I would likely spell it wrong( as has been pointed out to me by several people many times, I need to improve my spanish))

She, as well as most clients I have met of this organization, seems to always have a smile on her face. It was very noticeable that she had trouble moving, and not from her Visual Impairment but a serious back issue.

In her case she had 2 big “problems” to deal with.  1 was her visual impairment.  Another was a problem with her back.  ( I don’t know the problem exactly…bad spanish on my part as well as squeamishness keeps me from exploring such details.

When I talked with the director of the Foundacion, she explained that she was working hard on arranging the financing, timing, drugs, and aftercare for an operation as well as trying to co-ordinate everything so that the young lady would miss as little school as possible.  This is outside of what the Foundacion normally does, but this the type of person the director ( Yolanda ) is… trying to help who she can when she can.

This is how the young lady looked yesterday.

How she looks today

How she looks today

She had her operation last October ( over a year after I first met her) and she now moves very well.

Yesterday she was smiling as usual.

Unfortunately this doesn’t help her vision problems, but anything that can help her life be better, is a good thing.