Street Vs Studio

I used to be very proficent in the studio.  I would have a really good idea of what I had captured as soon as I pressed the shutter.

There where surprises, both good and bad, but generally I was consistent and compitent.


Not so with street photography.


Some images I don’t have a clue what I have until I see the image on the computer screen.



I was grabbing a shot of these three ladies…and I really didn’t see the gentlmen in the background. The story this image tells is much different then the story I thought I was photographing.


The same day I was also shooting fireworks, Ecuadorian style.


I was constantly adjusting shutter speed and watching my mettering to not be too over exposed.  I had to keep it manual exposure. I don’t think any the auto modes whould have given what I wanted.

( which raises the question, What did I want?  I wanted to show the mood or feel for the event that was happening around me.  I didn’t want perfect shots, I wanted a feel or mood)


Here are a couple that I think show this.  I did not know what I had until I looked at these on the computer screen.










Did I achieve what I wanted…. I am still not sure.  I did get a few shots that I am happy with.