So when do I arrive?

081013-579I have been in San Clemente for almost a week, and I have to ask myself “when do I arrive?”

The flight here was ok.  I had a decent cab ride to the airport, no unexpected problems at check in, security, etc…

I don’t know why but I always seem to fly out of the same gate at Pearson… the one right across from Tim Hortons…even though I have flown with different airlines to different parts of the world….  I have done a lot of serious thinking about life in that same area…though they have added those “free” ipads to use… I wonder if anyone has thought about the diseases that get passed through those things.

The flight here was the way I like to fly…boring.  I don’t want excitement on an airplane or at an airport.

Customs was fine, the overnight stay in the Quito airport was boring and uncomfortable, the short flight to Manta, was fine though I was extremely tired. I think I fell asleep while the plane was held up on the tarmac

The cab ride to San Clemente where no problem since I am used to cab drivers in Ecuador.  We only got off track once because of a bridge repair and he did what every other driver in Ecuador does..he asked for directions.He as do  most Ecuadorian drivers ( whole are mostly male) asked 3 or 4 times.  And this was all ok because I knew where we were and where we were going.

My problem is I am still not here.

I don’t feel comfortable yet.

The heat and humidity have been a challenge….35c with 70% humidity has been a standard day time temp.  There is a great ocean breeze… but it is draining.  Hydration is the orders of the day.

I  started working right away, which I think was a mistake.  I need to take more time to settle into what is here.  I need to get into the swing of life here.

Tomorrow will be Supermaxi day… and my first return to Portoviejo.

I don’t know.

Busy beach

Busy beach

I visited some friends a couple of days before I started on my latest round of travels.

As people do, they asked me about my plans.  My answer was “I don’t know”

Once I got to Ecuador and started meeting and re-meeting people, one of the first questions they ask is how long are you staying, or what are your plans.  My answer…. “I don’t know”

I can’t remember saying this phrase this much in the past…  I usually know, or have an idea about most topics, but about my plans I had to say “I don’t know”

It is easier to say “I don’t know” then to say my future is rather fluid, there are a few photo projects I want to work on ( I want to do some more work with FDOL FDOL Images on grsphoto )  I want to explore Ecuador some more, I want to visit friends, I need to rebuild a couple of websites, but there isn’t a timetable or deadline for any of this…. mostly I just want to be…..

So instead of explaining this I just give a little smile, and say ” I don’t know”…. mostly because I don’t know what my future holds for me… and I feel good about it.