I caught this virus.

It sucks.

Chikungunya is a mosquito born virus that is spreading along the coast of Ecuador.  It isn’t as bad here in San Clemente as on other parts of the coast, but I have been going inland to take photos and I think I picked it up there.

Yesterday I started to feel a fever/chills after I came back from a walk on the beach.  I treated myself as if it was heat stroke, in the hopes that that was all it was.  I also had aches and pains throughout my body.  The problem is I always have pain in different parts of my body.

This morning, after sleeping for 14 hours ( with many pee breaks..whenever I am not well I always try and hydrate myself) I tried walking.  My feet HURT.  My feet rarely hurt, but they were really painful to walk on.  After spending 10 minutes walking around trying to ease out the pain I decide it was time for the doctor. It wasn’t heat stroke.

Patricia ( a lady across the street) drove me to see doctor Christina.  After a few questions and some poking and prodding ( I still have trouble with Ecuadorian doctors putting the thermometer in my arm pit) she said I likely had Chikungunya.

She gave me three shots, a B vitamin, an anti-inflamatory, and an antihistamine ( I think)

She also gave me prescriptions for similar drugs and supplements.

She then gave instructions on what I can and can’t eat or drink.  Basically anything heavy or that causes the liver to work harder, Pork, shrimp, beer…. and peanut butter. I live on peanut butter.  I am addicted to peanut butter. I wonder if it would be ok in moderation, or if I have to go cold turkey. I have a fresh new unopened jar sitting on the shelf calling my name. I love peanut butter.

So today has been spent napping in between sleeping,  and then another nap.

One of the interesting effects of all of this, is the drugs I am taking have removed all of the pain from my body.  This is something I have not felt for years.  The downside of these drugs is the toll it puts on your liver. The good thing that I like about this doctor is she prescribed supplements ( Bs Cs  etc) to counteract the harmful effects of the drugs and to help my body fight the virus.

I have canceled most of my classes for tomorrow so that I can concentrate on the import thing right now..getting rest and helping my body fight this bug.  I know I will come out of this ok…. but no peanut butter…. 🙁