Leaving…. again



It has been a while since I updated my blog…but it is time.

I am leaving again.

I have spent 9 months in Canada, living with my parents, and it is time for me to move on.

The stay here has been bittersweet.

I have had a great opportunity to build an online business teaching English.  This business, with some nurturing, should be able to sustain me and be something I can do just about anywhere.  The big problem with this business is the negative impact I am having on the other people in the house.  They have to change and curtail their activities while I am online.  It is not fair to them, so it is time for me to move to another location.

Teaching online hasn’t reached a level, yet, that it could support me in a high priced country such as Canada … so I need to move to a lower cost country. I do love the country of Ecuador ( where I will be traveling to) so this isn’t a bad thing.

I may have been able to create a life in Canada if I had been able to find a part time or full time employment, but I lost count of the number of resumes I sent out.  This is one of the downsides of my stay, realizing that I have become somewhat marginalized in this country.

The best thing about this stay is my opportunity to reconnect with two people I love.  Living with my parents has allowed me a much better understanding of who they are, and what their life has been like.  It makes me appreciate even more who they are, and how it has shaped me into who I am.

One of the downsides of my stay in Waterloo is I feel like I have lost connections with friends in Toronto as well as friends around the world. Being so close, but not close enough is a strange distance.  Some friends I felt closer to, when I lived thousands of kilometers away, then when I live hundreds away.

I don’t know why.

Now that I am getting ready to go, I will likely update this blog more often…if only to organize my thoughts.