Sunday… 7 days after

Busy beach

Busy beach

The last couple of days have been frustrating.

I dropped my flashlight.  It now doesn’t charge.  I opened it up and I can fix it with a blob of solder and a dash of 5 minute epoxy….it sits unusable

i dropped my iPad… It works but the screen is now cracked.

I was planning on moving, either this weekend or next.  The house was a nice little place tucked away near downtown San Jacinto.  Now it is occupied by the owners, since their house is likely to be torn down.

I had heard about, saw and talked to the owners of a nice house in San Clemente.  We had every thing covered until it came to getting payment to him.  He ( rightly so) doesn’t want me to move in until he gets first and last…. I have no way of doing that. ( actually I could but it would take several trips to neighboring towns to deal with pulling cash and then traveling to other banks to deposit cash. The house is nice but nor worth that level of risk)

There is a house across the street from were I am staying, that might work.  I am still trying to find details.

One of my goals is to try and get back on line for teaching by Thursday…. Not sure if I will make it.

i am still having some trouble sleeping through the night.  The cabana I am in is nice and quiet, but the tree above drops these little nuts that resonate and bounce off the tin roof.

As much as I complain, I know I am really lucky, I am surrounded by great people and I am far better off than some.


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