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My Visa expires in a couple of months, about the middle of August.

This means I need to start making decisions.

Do I stay in Ecuador, a country I love, but which is really broken right now, or do I move on to somewhere else?
One of the downsides of teaching online is that my students are spread all over the world. I really enjoy hearing them describe where they live, hearing them describe their lives, their cities  and where they travel  on vacation. I get envious of all these amazing places!  I want to see and experience their world.

There are places I also want to return to. I just barely scratched the surface in my explorations of Japan.  There are parts of Ecuador, where I live now, that I have not seen. The beaches of Colombia are supposed to be spectacular. The high desert of Peru would be interesting to visit. The coast of Spain is calling to me. My Friend in Thailand keeps asking me to come. There are just so many places I want to see, to experience, to photograph.

And I also have to look at my health. I am a healthy, slightly past middle aged, man. Right now, It is possible for me to travel anywhere, but at some point in the future this body, which I have used and abused, will start saying enough. Maybe it is time to use it before it stops being usable.

On the other hand I have to look at the fact that I hate to travel. I really like seeing and exploring new places, but I hate getting there. Travel is such a stressful thing for me to do. Most of the stress comes from the stuff you have to carry with you.

This is a difficult dilemma for me.  Do I want to spend my time in one place or should I move around some more?  Stay tuned for more thoughts.

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