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I have been trying to think of the best way to keep track ( and show) the donations I receive to my Paypal.  I think what I will do is put this page up and update it when funds come in and are then transferred to the Foundation, which will then show up on their bank statement published on their site.  This is all about transparency.

May 25…..James M………. $50.00
May 30—–Anonymous——–$500.00


Transfer to FOLM bank account 06/10/2016

Transfer to FOLM bank account 06/10/2016

Donaciones recibidas español 2

Donate  Outside of Ecuador you can send me funds through my paypal ( I will post an update accounting for these funds), inside Ecuador you can deposit directly in the bank account of FDOL.  You can also send the funds directly to this account from outside Ecuador!   We are setting up a gofundme, but the 8% in fees that are charged could be better spent on building houses.

Link to Paypal donation record page

Thank you for reading and any help would be appreciated.

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