Kinda Proud

I ‘m kinda proud of myself.

About a week ago Yolanda phoned and asked if I would do the voiceover for a video.

I didn’t think much of it.  I know that I am a bad voice talent, but I thought I should be able to muddle through.

Friday came.  It was the day the foundation was going to hand over Keyner’s House.

After spending an hour at the house, we went to the Foundation to do the recording. At this point it dawned on me that I wasn’t just the voice talent, but the technical director/ recording engineer for this project.  We tried for a couple of minutes to get a decent sound into the Foundations laptop.

We kinda got it working.  The set-up was far from ideal.

We tried to do a couple of passes.  The editing software wasn’t going to cut it.  I was so bad in my read that it was going to require many takes and punch ins. The software was not capable of punching in ( adding a small recording inside a larger recording).  We tried using my Mac with better editing software. The problem with using my Mac was there was no way to get the sound into it with the cables and interfaces we had at hand.  When I was putting together my equipment the night before, I was thinking Photography of Keyner’s house, not location recording of voice talent.

What to do?   Let’s go buy a hard disk, transfer all the files,  and then I will do the recording at my place and send back the finished files. This is something I should be able to accomplish.

We get the disk, transfer the files, and the lady and man who did the edit seemed to be happy handing over the project to me. I was told to “feel free to change it”

I started thinking about the what the video was, and what we wanted to achieve.  The two things did not match.  The goal of  the video is to get people to donate funds to our cause. The video as cut, was more a corporate “who we are” video.

So I cut my first serious video.

When I look at it I think I did all right.  It isn’t award winning and there are some things that I still don’t like, and I sure found some limitation in the editing software,  but I did it.

The important thing to me is I was also able to do it.  To be able to start a project, go through the idea, design, edit, revise, get frustrated at the software, edit, revise, edit, swear at the computer, consulte google, revise, edit, and produce a result, to put in about 18 hours over two days, made me feel good.   It has been a long time since I had to work, to create, to a deadline.

Now my biggest issue is….. I liked it.  I may have to do a gofundme to buy some gear to do more and better videos.



Below are the English and Spanish versions The spanish version is a little bit better, I think. I had a chance to tweak a couple of things that bothered me in the English version.  Due to limitations of the software I can’t do serious versioning.

Critique of these videos are welcome and encouraged.  What do you think?

Spanish Version

English Version




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