Keywording is the Key



I have been doing some research ( while doing a full back-up of my images…when is the last time you backed up…. ? )


I have come to the realization that keywording will be the key to sales ( and makeing money). 


The image has to be “good” to get past the gate keepers ( reviewers, inspectors) to get them listed on any site.  But, in order to get a sale, the buyer has to find the image.  And that is where the key words come into play.  It doesn’t matter how great the image is, if the buyer can’t find it, among the 2,000,000 other images on the site, they will not buy it.


So far I have been working on the image side of things, and the work flow involved in that, and have not worried too much about keywording and how to deal with it. I have been approaching it in a haphazard fashion


This will have to change.

The more I dive into this the more important I can see this part of my workflow.


The time to deal with this is now, when I have a limited number of images submitted.


On some of the forums I have read about people have 10 – 15 K image on sites…. and realistically that is what you need to make a living shooting Micro Stock. 

Will I reach that point?  Who knows?  I know I can shoot that number is images ( and some of them might actually sell), but can I organize my workflow to control it? 


That is the tough part.


Year end Stats


This is my end of year Stats for images accepted into sites.

I still do not have any sales, but I don’t expect to see much sales from these images.

I have re-ordered the list to put the more “important” sites closer to the top.

# sub # accept Stock editorial Rejected Accept ratio
X Shutter Stock 10 4
A iStock 29 10 10 0 10 50.00%
A bigstockphoto 36 3 3 0 17 15.00%
A fotolia 5 4 4 0 14 22.22%
A Canstock 88 58 58 0 30 65.91%
A Dreamstime 28 7 7 0 21 25.00%
A 123rf 37 66 50 16 4 94.29%
A photodune 45 28 28 0 10 73.68%
W Pond5 10 0 0 0 0
W panthermedia 10
x Veer 10 0 0 0 10 0.00%
x Alamy 8 0 8 0.00%
316 176 160 16 128 57.89%
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