I am moving…. again

I haven’t written for awhile, so I thought I would bring people up to date.

I am moving again.  I think this is about the 20th time for me.

Busy beach

Busy beach

The place where I am staying is the bottom of the house of a good friend. This place is perfect. But I have to move. When I came to San Clemente I was thinking a 4 to 6 week stay. My friend let me rent her place, and extend my time once I decided to stay longer. The problem is, she has long term renters arriving in December so I have to leave.

I am moving about 5 or 6 kilometers up the road to the village of San Jacinto. It is to a smaller apartment on the third floor right on the ocean. The views are amazing..one of the main reasons I took this place. Another advantage of this apartment is it is in the centre of the village. No more 2 Kilometer walks or bike rides to go to a restaurant.

The big disadvantage is that the apartment is in the centre of the village, which means I get to listen to the disco on Saturday night. I am hoping that the location of my bed, the sound of the crashing waves, and the general wind direction, will keep the levels low enough that it isn’t a problem.

Once I get in, I will post images of the view…. I think, on a clear night, I should be able to see Manta on one side and Canoa on the other.

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