Getting a dog

My life is a series of changes and redirection.

It looks like I am about to go through another.

I guess the big news is I am thinking about getting a dog or two.  I will likely find a rescue since I need a grown guard dog. This dog is to go with a couple of snakes (well actually 4…2 small ones and 2 massive Boas)…and 7 monkeys..and 4 eagles… a few parrots…some other birds…a cochucho… 25+ turtles….and a few wild pigs.

The place I am living is a refuge for animals, but it is small and in the town.  For various reasons they need to move the animals.  They have a property…a couple of hectares outside of town, and they have asked me to manage it.

By Manage they mean having someone live there full time.   It will be a bit of a challenge, getting my living space habitable and comfortable, and getting the spaces set up of the main guests, the animals. I am thinking about this as an educational space as well as a home for animals that can’t survive in the wild.  The education will be conservation based, as well as photographic.

There is a lot of work to done, presently the house is three rooms, with bare walls, plus a bathroom.  It is lacking some things, like water and electricity, and it is a bit out of the way.

Water will be as easy as running a pipe up the mountain to a stream.  I am thinking of adding a rainwater harvesting system as well.  Even on cloudy days there should be enough solar energy for electrical and heating of water… and I would like to add a hot tub… one of the things I miss about Japan is the Onsen.

I think the commute to school will be about 1 hour… 35 minutes walking…. 20 minutes waiting for a bus, and then a short walk to school.The walk from the road ( and the closest bus) is about 35 minutes.  I don’t mind walking except when it rains and the path/ road turns to mud.  Did I mention it rains here… like every day… ( It is rainforest after all)

There are still some things to be worked out with the owners but it is yet another adventure for me to go on.In order to pull this off I may be doing some fund raising ( begging? ) so if anyone want to donate to a worthy cause, I know the perfect place.   🙂

If anyone wants to come for a visit, I am going to be having multiple guest spaces, maybe a cabin or two.

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