Fundacion Doctor Oswaldo Loor Ecuador Photography

One of the things I like about photography is how it can take you places that you would not normally get to go.

I am in Ecuador.  Last spring I was thinking about moving to another part of the country, and I contacted an acquaintance I knew in Toronto, who had married into a family from here.

Long story shortened I ended up doing some photographic work for the Fundacion Doctor Oswaldo Loor… a eye institute in Portoviejo Ecuador.  The Fundacion offers support to help with education and micro credit to help build businesses.  Beside the chance to work with some great people, I also had the opportunity to see different parts of Manabi that most Gringos don’t go.  This gallery contains some of my favourite images from the two occasions I had to create images for the Fundacion.


As I was photographing these, the main thing that  kept going through my mind was these people are poor, and they have some problems but they seem to be really honestly happy.

Gallery of Images for FDOL 2013

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