If you build it they will come… not

I have two Symbiostock sites online people images  and Travel Stock Images… and they have been up for 4 or 5 months.

I am less than happy with the progress they are making in sales ( non existent) and traffic ( very little)  I am beginning to wonder if this is the right platform to build an online photoselling site on.

I still believe that the idea of a network of independent sites is a viable and brilliant idea, but it doesn’t matter too much how good the idea is, if there are not any buyers for our product.

There are problems with my wares… my images are not stocky and are not and will never be really mainstream.  So, in order to sell I think I need a lot of traffic….traffic that is looking for images I am offering.  My problem is, that that traffic has not developed.

What I am contemplating at this time, is the effort I am putting in, worth the long term potential rewards.

Another factor I have to consider is that the cool new features of Symbiostock are now in a paid premium plug in.  I don’t begrudge the creator of the software for wanting to make money off of his work, and the amount he is charging is not out of line.  I would be happy to pay the fee, if I had it, but I can’t afford to invest in something which I am starting to have doubts about it’s viability.

The quandaries of running a business…. 🙁


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